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Transform Your Health
in Just 8 Weeks
Transform Your Health
in Just 8 Weeks
Transform Your Health
in Just 8 Weeks
Transform Your Health
in Just 8 Weeks

What is the 8 for 8 Challenge?

The 8 for 8 Wellness Challenge is an inter-institutional Health & Wellness Competition focused around 8 dimensions of wellness. The Challenge is designed to improve health and wellness in 8 different areas within an 8-week period of time.
The 8 Challenges
Take Care of Your Body
Sharpen Your Mind
Find Joy at Work
Take Control of Your Finances
Mind-Body Awareness
Take Time for Yourself
Shape the World Around You
Develop a Sense of Connection

Whole Person Wellness

Why Does Workplace Wellness Matter?

Workplace Wellness programs can potentially reduce sick leave usage, as well as potentially lower insurance costs and premiums for employees. According to a report by International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan, most employers that have analyzed the financial impacts of their wellness programs have found $1 to $3 decrease in their overall health care costs for every dollar spent.

Improved physical and mental health of employees means a better work environment, and can result in higher rates of employee retention. It makes sense to invest in a workplace wellness program like the 8 for 8 Wellness Challenge. Contact Us today to get started.

“I like that the program does not require major habit changes, but gradual and voluntary choices. It was easy to accommodate.”

Satisfied Participant, Oregon Youth Authority


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