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About Us
From Matt Burton, Founder and CEO:
What I see – Inspiration, Adventure and Changing Lives

The first time I traveled on an airplane, I was 16 years old. I think the flight was from Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington—nothing exotic, but it was the beginning of my love for travel. Fast forward to today, and I’ve visited 22 countries outside of the U.S. and hope to visit many more. I love to travel because of what I see when I do. Dreams. No matter what part of the world I’m in, there are representations of people’s dreams everywhere I look. Every gas station, grocery store, boutique, multi-national company, and franchise started with somebody’s dream. And that dream became a reality because someone chose to pour their life into it; to make the dream they had in their heart something that others could see and touch. This is inspirational to me; to see what could be. To imagine that I can provide employment for people, contribute to my community, and positively impact the world around me. Inspiration, adventure, and the opportunity to change lives. This is what I see.

The Birth of Healthy Minds Group

Matt considers his strongest credential to be that of surviving his childhood. A victim of multiple childhood traumas, Matt always begins his public speaking engagements with, “I’ve spent the last 26 years of my life recovering from the first 24”. His central passion is to help people overcome the effects of trauma so that they can live full, addiction-free, meaningful lives. In 2014, he began the work that would fulfill his lifelong vision of creating innovative, evidence-based programs, products and services aimed at providing solutions for healing and whole-person wellness. Matt has drawn on the best, brightest, and most passionate mental health, social service, governmental, educational, and research experts within the fields of Healing and Whole Person Wellness to assist in the formation of Healthy Minds Group. Alongside his talented staff, he is making his dream a reality; advancing awareness of the effects of trauma on our society along with providing real, quality solutions.

Healthy Minds Group operates under these guiding principles:
  • Strive towards self-improvement. We are teachable, flexible, adaptive to change, and always evolving. We lead examined lives.
  • Have a helpful, positive, “can do” attitude. We never say, “we can’t”. Instead, we ask, “how can we?”. We focus on the positives when facing difficult challenges.
  • Have a heart for helping hurting people. We have compassion for ourselves and others. We strive to be healing agents in other people’s lives.
  • Self-motivated. We don’t wait for others to tell us what should be done. We are driven to succeed and take the initiative without fear of making a mistake.
  • Do the right thing. We do what we say we will and our motives are right and good. Our actions pass the “newspaper test”. If we would be ashamed to read about it in the newspaper, we don’t do it.


Healthy Minds Group
201 NE Park Plaza Dr., Ste. 200
Vancouver, WA 98684


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