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Although we work with many different types of employers, Healthy Minds Group specializes in creating programs to assist those working in high-stress environments. To test the program’s efficacy, the 8 for 8 Wellness Program was originally piloted through the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). Read on to discover what the participants of that program had to say.
Success Stories
“I learned a lot about self-care and spirituality and how it helps our longevity”
“I love being reminded about mindfulness and reminding myself to use it in all aspects of my life”
“I enjoyed watching & listening to the videos, most were very informational & interesting”
“This program has helped me to become a little more open than I have been for a long time. I will continue to work on not keeping things bottled up as much”
“I think it is very important to get away from the TV and do things as a family, the prompts helped me to connect”
“The issues sparked conversations between staff”
“This format promoted team work, fostered healthy competition and helped boost organizational pride”
“I joined a gym because of your Program”
“Does not require major habit changes but allows gradual and voluntary choices, easy to accommodate”

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